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International Society for the History of Paediatric Surgery

Dear Colleagues,
Dear EUPSA Members,

As you may know, the International Society, History of Pediatric Surgery (ISHPS) was founded by Jan Molenaar more than 30 years ago. Since 1986, ISHPS organized biannual History Club Sessions during the BAPS meetings. We are happy to announce that, now History Club Sessions will be organized during the EUPSA Meetings. ISHPS is grateful to EUPSA for the opportunity to realize the next meeting in Limassol. According to the History Club tradition an invited speaker gives a lecture on History of Medicine and History of Pediatric Surgery of the hosting country. We are proud to announce that Prof. Zacharias Zachariou will deliver a very interesting lecture on “Medicine in Cyprus from Archaic Times to the Sixties”. Please follow the navigation on the right for more information.
Hoping to feel your continuous support and interest,
S.N. Cenk  Buyukunal                                                                                    Robert Carachi
S.N. Cenk Buyukunal (Istanbul - Turkey)                         Robert Carachi (Glasgow - UK)

Historical Review


On Friday, July 22nd 1983 the International Society for the History of Paediatric Surgery had its first meeting in London during the BAPS congress. Forty five members from 26 countries attended. The idea for the establishment of such a society which is open to all Paediatric Surgeons with interest in the history of their specialty came from Jan Molenaar, Professor of Paediatric Surgery in Rotterdam.
Since then many meetings were organized with very interesting contributions on the development of Paediatric Surgery worldwide. In 2009 Robert Carachi, Dan G. Young and Cenk Buyukunal accomplished a long dream of the society, the publication of a comprehensive book on the history of Paediatric Surgery.
This year EUPSA has the honour of hosting this meeting during the 18th Annual Congress in Limassol, Cyprus.

General Information
Congress Venue: Carob Mill, Limassol

Session: Friday 19th May 2017, Room Richard 16.30 – 18.30
All registered participants of the 18th EUPSA Congress will be eligible of attending the History Club session free of any charge

Official Language: English. No simultaneous translation will be provided

Certificate of Attendance: Available after the session

Faculty: Robert Carachi, Glasgow, Cenk Buyukunal, Istanbul

Local Organizing Committee: Zachariou Zacharias, Evangelia Gougoudi

Deadline for abstract submission: March 15th, 2017

Abstract submission: The title and an abstract of about 250 words, has to be submitted by mail to Prof. Cenk Buyukunal (

Guidelines for presenters: All presentations will be oral presentations, limited to 15 minutes. Presentations must really include historical knowledge, whereas colourful old slides are always very much appreciated.
Data projectors for computer presentation from a Notebook or a PC with Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office 2010 will be available in the room. Please note: Personal notebooks will not be permitted

Notification of Acceptance or Rejection: April 1st, 2017

Award for best presentation: A jury will decide on the basis of the best presentation during the meeting

PROGRAM - May 19,2017, Richard Room
16.30-16.40 : Introductory remarks Benno Ure - Robert Carachi
16.40-16.50 : History of ISHPS(Cenk Buyukunal –Robert Carachi)
16.50-17.20 : Medicine in Cyprus from Archaic Times to the Sixties (Zacharias Zachariou)
17.20-17.35 : History of Sickle Cell Anemia (Ahmed H. Al-Salem)
17.35-17.50 : Historical perspective of Ramstedt’s pyloromyotomy (Hugo Heij)
17.50- 18.00: Diaphragmatic hernia: the first 1000 years (John G Raffensperger, Elif Kirli)
18.00-18.10: Amputation of appendix vermiformix 1735- A history behind Amyand's hernia (O. Zgraj, W. Górecki )
18.10-18.25: Su?ruta-sa?hit? (Amulya K. Saxena)
18.25: Concluding remarks